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Authorized Globally Revox Studer and Audio Specialist

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 Tape Recorder


 Tape Recorder

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Authorized Globally Revox Studer and Audio Specialist

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 The world's only professional Studer - Revox Renovation and newly manufacured Workshop

Auktoriserad av

Dr: Willi Studer

Regensdorf - Schweiz

Revox - Studer Specialist

Authorized by

Dr: Willi Studer  


Revox-Studer Specialist

Dr: Willi Studer


Som alternativ kan man köpa helt nya Studer produkter här nedan men till ett högre pris. Helt nya produkter är kvoterade, man måste finnas i vår väntkö. Som kund märker och ser man inte någon större skillnad på nytt och Renoverat hos oss, men nytt finns som alternativ. På nya produkter lämnas ett års garanti, och Renoverade normalt 3 månader.

All garanti är personlig och kan inte överlåtas..

Alternatively, you can buy brand new Studer products below but at a higher price. Brand new products are quoted, you have to be in our waiting queue. As a customer, you do not notice and see a major difference again and Renovated with us, but new is an alternative. New products are given a one-year warranty, and are normally renovated for 3 months. All warranty is personal and cannot be transferred

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Studer D730 a high-end CD player for professional use And enthusiasts. D730 is equipped with the programming menus

For quick access and memory functions for the search.Full brochure available for download

In Stock

Basic technical data (PDF)

MK variation made to order

Model D730


Studer D730 CD Player



Studer D424 MO Recorder with the amazingly easy editing function. An editing tool that offers the advantages of digital technology and supports my uncomplicated work procedures 2 channel studio recorder/editor uses standard ISO magneto-optical media 1.2 to 2.6 GB

In Stock

Basic technical data (PDF)

MK variation made to order

Model D424 MO


D424 MO  (Order)



Studer A68 Stereo Power Amplifier.

Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 350W into 8Ω (mono) Frequency response: 30Hz to 15kHz Total harmonic dis-tortion: 0.1% Damping factor: 75  Input S noise ratio: 100dB

In Stock

Basic technical data (PDF)

MK variation made to order

Model A68


Studer A68 Power Amplif.





Other audio products

Studer D741 CD in both the consumer and the professional Specification: Disc format: Digital converter: bitstream Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz  Dynamic range: 90dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

XLR connection

In Stock

Basic technical data (PDF)

MK variation made to order

Model D741


Studer D741 CD



Studer A710 Endast Service och Renoveringar

Studer A721 Köp Service och Renoveringar

Våra villkor tillämpas.

Studer A710 Only Service and Renovations

Studer A721 Pay - Service and Renovations

Our terms and conditions apply.

Notera att Studer A710 inte säljs som färdig produkt

Vi utför service och renoveringar på Studer A710 och A721

Vill du ha hjälp med återställning av ovan produkter får du vara ute i god tid.

Leveranstider får du av vår supportavdelning.

Våra villkor tillämpas.

Note that Studer  A721 are not sold as finished products

We carry out service and renovations on Studer A710 and A721

If you want help with restoring the above products, you must be out in good time.

You will receive delivery times from our support department.

Our terms and conditions apply.


Vi rekommenderar Svea Ekonomi för lån

vid köp / Reparation av bandspelare och andra produkter här.

Notera att vi inte har med lånet att göra och helt mellan Svea och låntagaren. Tryck på ikonen så kommer du direkt.

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Studer A779 A quality audio mixer in a small  format.

XLR  RCA and Phono plugg Supplied with base with additional XLR as the picture shows.
Studer A779 is in mint condition

In Stock

Basic technical data (PDF)

MK variation made to order

Model A779


Studer A779 Mixer



Studer A721 Studio Cassette Deck Track system

(like Revox B215) 4- track, 2-channel stereo Tape speed: 4.76 cm / sec  Heads: 1 x recording / playback 1 x erase Engine: 2 x  roller, 2x bow Tape Type: Type I, CR02, MetalNoise  Reduction: B, C, Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz (Dolby etc.) XLR.

No In Stock

Contact the ordering department for delivery information

MK variation made to order

Model A721


Studer A721



Sold without Remote Control System